Our company

Flexobag is a company specialized in the creation of solutions in plastic and paper bags for all type of trade, companies and institutions.


With roots in the beginning of the 90's, our company counts on a vast experience in the elaboration of our products, always with high standard of rigor and quality, proven with the continuous proof of confidence on the part of our clients and collaborators.


Assuming a strategic position that focuses on sustained dynamism and growth, we are at the forefront of production and distribution in our business sector.



FLEXOBAG is a company created to meet the needs and expectations of its customers, whose objective is to produce and market high quality products, providing the best service through the knowledge and experience in creating solutions in plastic, paper and fabric packaging. Its fundamental pillars are always innovation, dynamism and sustained growth, increasing productivity and promoting organizational culture.


We are an established and recognized company in the sector in which we operate, with development of different products whose performance is appreciated by all of us, our customers, our suppliers, our competitors and society in general. To be a company able to meet the current and future needs of our clients with a network composed of professionals and qualified, reliable and flexible personnel that add value to the FLEXOBAG organization.

What we do

We produce various plastic and paper articles, with or without personalized printing, namely:

Plastic bags . Paper bags. Paper sachets. TNT / Reusable bags. Envelopes offer on paper with adhesive pad. Sleeve and plastic film. Wrapping paper . Custom boxes. Hang tags . Fabric ribbons. Various paper articles (envelopes, business cards, wipes, pamphlets, etc.)


We are committed to satisfying our customers with high quality products and services, based on continuous improvement of our processes and obtaining advanced solutions, through our technological, human resources and the promotion of a culture of service and teamwork.

We are concerned about the environmental impact of industrial and human action that have been taking on ever more disturbing proportions, putting at risk the balance of Planet and Ecosystems.

FLEXOBAG proposes to continuously develop and implement measures to conserve natural resources in order to reduce the environmental impact of its activity, taking the necessary actions to achieve the following objectives:

» Promote continuous improvement of environmental performance and pollution prevention.

» Reduce and control energy and raw material consumption.

» Optimize resources, mainly in the use of recycled / recyclable materials.

» Reduce the production of solid waste.

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